Rates & Reservations

The basic fee structure for Four Springs House is an inclusive one, based on a full day eight-hour package. Rental time must include any set-up or decoration and general clean up by the renter and/or the caterers. There are variations for those who contract for more or less time, but in all cases the set-up and general clean up must be part of that time span.

*Full property rental is required from June – September. If rental agreement is made 4 weeks or less prior to event date, single building rental may be negotiated. Please ask Event Coordinator.

Fee Includes:

Hourly Rate: Based on a 3 hour minimum

Outdoor Use Fee: $350

Event Deposit: 50% of total cost is due upon completion of contract.

Event Cancellation:

A $25 booking fee will be assessed to all refunds. Patrons will be refunded 100% of their damage deposit. Refundable Damage Deposit: Renters will pay a deposit equal to 50% of the total rental fee. The entire deposit will be returned if the space is left clean and undamaged.

Cleaning Services: $100/hour will be charged to Damage Deposit for any cleaning required after event. Please see additional info under the Use Guidelines page (Cleaning & Damage Policy).

Changes to Contract: If a request is made to make changes to your existing contract i.e. changing hours time-span, day or adding additional hours, we will do our best if schedules permit. There is no guarantee changes can be made. Please plan and schedule your time accordingly.

Penalty/Fee for guests over 160: Our property maximum is set at 160 guests. There will be a $150 charge for every 5 guests over the 160 guest limit. We will deduct directly from the Damage Deposit and refund any remaining balance. In the event the Damage Deposit does not cover the fee, you will be liable for the remaining balance.

Four Springs Rates

Weekday Rates

Location Fee (8hr) Add/hrs
Full Property $850 $125
House & Meadow Room $750 $110
House $450 $65
Meadow Room $450 $65
Barn $400 $55

Friday Rates

Location Fee (8hr) Add/hrs
Full Property $1250 $175
House & Meadow Room $950 $135
House $550 $80
Meadow Room $550 $80
Barn $450 $65

Sat/Sun Rates

Location Fee (8hr) Add/hrs
Full Property $1450 $205
House & Meadow Room $1250 $175
House $700 $100
Meadow Room $700 $100
Barn $500 $70

Peak Season = Full Property Rental

Saturday Rates - June - September

Location Fee (8hr) Add/hrs
Full Property $1850 $265
House & Meadow Room $1450 $210
House $800 $115
Meadow Room $800 $115
Barn $650 $95

Sunday Rates - June - September

Location Fee (8hr) Add/hrs
Full Property $1650 $235
House & Meadow Room $1350 $190
House $750 $110
Meadow Room $750 $110
Barn $600 $85


The rooms, decks and grounds of Four Springs House lend themselves to almost any type of occasion. To help preserve the special character of Four Springs House and surroundings, we have developed the following guidelines for use. By respecting the natural environment, we can ensure that Four Springs House will continue to be a beautiful location for events and provide a habitat for hundreds of birds, plants, and small animals.

Our event coordinator will work with you to ensure your event runs smoothly and meets the guidelines.

Catering: The kitchen in the Main House is designated as a catering kitchen only. For health, safety, and liability reasons, we require that all catering be done by licensed caterers.

Any "pot luck" food service must be pre-cooked as there are only food-warming facilities in that area. Please consult with the event coordinator.

Alcohol: Alcohol (beer & wine) is permitted for guests over age 21 within the private rental area. In some cases, banquet permits are required when a function is hosted by an organization or a business. Banquet permit applications are available at any local liquor store or agency for a $10 fee. Please discuss the details of alcohol service with your caterer or event coordinator.

Music: Music is welcome. Music should be kept at a moderate volume in respect for our neighbors and the nature preserve. Please discuss your plans for music with the event coordinator.

Cleaning and Damage Policy: The renter and/or caterer is responsible for reasonable clean up after the event and for the appropriate behavior by the guests. A damage deposit is required and will be refunded if there are no additional expenses for repair or clean up.

Pets: No pets, except service dogs, are allowed in the buildings. Because Four Springs is a nature preserve, leash laws will be enforced.

Contract End-time: When planning for your total hours required for your event and contract end-time, we recommend planning for a minimum of 90 minutes at the end of your event for putting away tables and chairs and removal of all personal items from buildings and any additional clean-up not covered by the cleaning service. All clean-up and loading of vehicles must be completed by the contracted event end-time or damage deposit will be forfeited. No exceptions.

Download additional general rental info on Four Springs House HERE (pdf format)