Property Use Guidelines

The rooms, decks and grounds of Four Springs House lend themselves to almost any type of occasion. To help preserve the special character of Four Springs House and surroundings, we have developed the following guidelines for use. Our event coordinator will work with you to ensure your event runs smoothly and meets the guidelines.

Catering: The kitchen in the Main House is designated as a catering kitchen - warming and re-serving only. If you hire a professional caterer, they must be licensed for health, safety, and liability reasons.. *Any "pot luck" or food service you personally provide must be pre-cooked. Please consult with the Event Coordinator.

Indoor Decorations: You are welcome to use candles as long as they are fully contained in glass. No pillar candles in wine bottles, etc. In the Meadow Room, you are welcome to hang items from the ceiling using existing hooks. You also have access to the art-hanging equipment we have with the Event Coordinator’s assistance. Absolutely no tacks, nails, tape or 3M type “removable” hooks or adhesives on the walls. You are welcome to use tacks and staples in the Barn as long as you remove them during cleanup.

Outdoor Decorations: You are welcome to put large items on hard surfaces such as the patio’s, gravel areas, etc. Please do not plan to use any large or heavy items on the grass (temporary dance floors, large speakers, beanbag toss boxes, etc.) for over an hour as this will kill the grass. Consult with the Event Coordinator if you have any questions as to what may or may not be permissible. Please do not hang any items from the cable/light strings in the outdoor area adjacent to the Barn.

Rented Equipment/Tents: Any rented equipment brought in by the renter needs to be delivered and picked up within the contracted hours. Be sure to make this clear to your vendor.

Outdoor Fires/Flames: Portable BBQ’s and fire pits are permissible as long as they are in an appropriate contained environment. Please consult with the Event Coordinator for the approved locations for outdoor fires/flames. Please consult with the Event Coordinator for permission regarding any outdoor items you may use that contain a live flame, i.e. sparklers, tiki torches, etc. Chinese lanterns are not permissible due to extreme fire hazard.

Tossing Rose Petals, Rice, Bird Seed, Etc. Real rose petals are allowed but must be picked up entirely before the close of the event so please keep this in mind when planning your clean-up as picking up hundreds of petals can be time consuming. Rice & Bird Seed are not allowed due to the impossibility of cleanup. Synthetic flower petals are not permitted due to the fact that they don’t decompose and end inevitably end up in various places all over the property.

Alcohol: Beer & wine (Banquet Permit required) is permitted in private rental space(s) for guests over age 21. Permit applications are available online at: for a $10 fee. Please discuss the details of alcohol service the Event Coordinator.

Music: Music is welcome. Music should be kept at a moderate volume in respect for our neighbors and the nature preserve. Please discuss your plans for music with the Event Coordinator.

Cleaning and Damage Policy: The renter and/or caterer is responsible for clean up after the event and for the appropriate behavior by the guests. A damage deposit is required and will be refunded if there are no additional expenses for repair or clean up.

Pets: No pets, except service dogs, are allowed in the buildings. Please respect Island County leash laws.

Lost & Found: We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. If we find any items that have been left behind after an event, we will attempt to contact the renter to make arrangements for pickup. If the item isn't too large to accommodate, we will store on the premise for up to (2) weeks. After (2) weeks we will donate to the local thrift store (if appropriate) or take to the local waste management facility.

Download additional general rental info (pdf format)