Welcome to Four Springs House!

Nestled in a 50-acre nature preserve on Camano Island, Four Springs House offers a beautiful, peaceful retreat setting for your event. All within convenient and easy access from the Seattle area!

Inside the Main House, a large living area complete with brick fireplace, two-story windows overlooking the lake, and 15-foot vaulted ceiling is a perfect space for a social gathering or a business retreat. Two smaller meeting rooms in the house provide break-out areas for business or changing rooms for bridal parties.

Adjacent to the house is the spacious Meadow Room, featuring 1500 square feet that can be set up for almost any type of occasion.

The surrounding 50-acre Four Springs Lake Preserve is home to several streams, a small lake, wooded trails, and large open meadow area. Your guests can enjoy the natural surroundings and may even be treated to a sighting of a great blue heron or bald eagle. Four Springs House is an ideal venue for:

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